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Where Do Hermit Crabs Come From?

All hermit crabs you see in beach stores or pet shops across the country are caught in the wild. Below is a video that shows what occurs once they are "harvested" from their homes. Please watch but be advised it is not easy to see. However, these videos need to be shown to help spread the TRUTH about these magnificent little critters that can live over 40 YEARS! They are not throw away pets, pocket pets or good for children. They require quite a bit of care just preparing a proper tropical habitat. 


Only a couple of people have successfully bred hermit crabs and only ONE has successfully accomplished this in the United States. I personally have 7 of these miraculous little babies that were born in captivity to Mary Akers. You can follow her journey on our facebook group and her instagram.  Please support her cause! The more we learn, the more we can help end inhumane wild hermit capture.  Here is a link to her Etsy shop! She makes all those adorable pottery dishes I use in my food photos. 

Who Are These Two Old Crab Ladies?


We are a mother and daughter team offering a healthy food alternative to the commercial pellets sold in pet stores. These pellets are actually toxic to the crab and do not provide all he had access to in the wild in order to thrive. We use a very wide variety of ingredients to create food "mixes" that are sure to keep your crab healthy AND happy! 

Some of our items are purchased locally in Duplin County, NC from trusted farmers and sellers. Some are ordered online and some are found at Piggly Wiggly. We even grow some vegetables and flowers ourselves. No matter the source, it is all organic, all safe and all very, very fresh!  Only human grade foods are used.  All new items are fed to my own colony of 30+ hermit crabs, including several different species, before they are offered to the public. We love our crabs and we know you do as well! 

 All of the photos on my site are of my personal colony of crabs. Please do not use photos without permission.  ™

Complete Guide to Proper Hermit Crab Care Can Be Found Here

On this site you can find every bit of info needed to help your crab thrive!

Sadly the information beach front shops or pet stores give to new hermit crab owners is dangerously wrong. They cannot live without heat and humidity. The cute little plastic containers and pebbles should not be used. Hermit crabs breathe through modified gills, as they are born in the ocean! They grow and molt several times before finding a suitable natural shell and taking their steps onto land. 

*Did you know the cute painted shells are toxic to them as well?*

Please click here to visit our group on Facebook. There's albums of crabitat setups for inspiration, feeding ideas, complete care guides and so much more! Plus a bunch of really great folks who love to share photos and stories of our little crabby worlds!

If you're interested in adopting a hermit crab or six, please check out our adoption page! CLICK HERE

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Adopt! Don't Shop! Even if we feel we're "rescuing" a crab from bad pet store conditions, it still adds to the sales and they just keep ordering more. Let's work together to end this. Click HERE to find out more!

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